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These tutorials will help you have a successful setup with VendingMobile.

VendingMobile Overview and
   Step 1) Products
  • What VendingMobile has to offer
  • Recommended mobile devices
  • Add products
  • Update products
  • Delete products
  • Product list
Step 2) Machines 4:53
  • Add machine info
  • Add products to machines
  • Update machines
  • Delete machines
  • Machine list
Step 3) Locations 3:44
  • Add location info
  • Commission info
  • Service interval
  • Update locations
  • Delete locations
Step 4) Assign Machines to Locations 3:00
  • Assign machines to locations
  • Un-assign a machine
  • Moving a machine to a different location
  • Machine service order within a location
  • Location - Machine List
Step 5a) Route Management 3:56
  • Quick Route Creation (all in one, route
    name & location assignment)
  • Location service order
Step 5b) Route Management 4:18
  • Add routes
  • Update routes
  • Delete routes
  • Un-assign a location from a route
  • Moving a location to another route
  • Route - Location List
Step 6) Service Planning 3:22
  • Create a service plan
  • Update a service plan
  • Delete a service plan
  • Basics of service planning
Step 7) Service Planning Pull List -
   Pre-kitting for a service route run
  • Product Usage Pull List
  • Current Pull List
Step 8) Servicing a Route 6:14
  • Perform servicing
  • Complete servicing

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Soft Essentials was started in March 2000 with a simple goal: to make running a vending business more organized and profitable. Our desktop software, Vending Essentials, has helped hundreds of vendors for many years do just that. We have taken our years of experience and created a completely web-based vending business management system: VendingMobile.
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