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Features and Benefits

Your vending business doesn't have to be a chore. Check out all the features you will enjoy with VendingMobile.

Quick Route Creation
View all your locations in one easy-to-use list, and see what routes they are assigned to, next service dates (past due will display in red), make notes for that location, and see location info details. We've designed this to be flexible and easy to use, so you can easily service your routes with all the information you need.
Color coordination on the screen lets you quickly see routes and machines that are close to needing service, as well as any that are overdue.

Service Planning
VendingMobile provides an easy, real-time service planning screen.
  • Location info
  • Service date info
  • Products
  • Set replacement products
  • Add the current fill of each product (for vendors who call ahead)
  • View pull lists
  • View product history fills

Pull List / Pre-Kitting
Know what products and amounts you should pull and take with you on your service routes. VendingMobile gives you two pull list options:
Product Usage Pull List. This pull list will show all the products you need to take on a service run, with recommended average amounts you typically fill for each product in each machine, based on a 6 month history.
Current Pull List. This pull list is manually generated by the vendor. Some vendors call ahead to the location to get the current fill. You can also estimate on your own based on the product selection history quick report.

Product Selection History Quick Report
Knowing where your products are, and how they have performed, is part of running a successful vending business.
  • View the history of each product selection.
  • See the product fill levels, and service dates for the past 6 months.
  • This report will help you determine replacement products, and estimate average fill level for this selection/product.

  • Record current and new fill levels for each product
  • Replacement Products
  • Location info
  • Service date info
  • View product history fills
  • Enter Coins & Currency
  • Set and record service date
  • Service Histories

Location Management
  • Quickly and easily see detailed information about all your locations
  • Assign locations to routes, and easily move and unassign your locations from routes

Machine Management
  • Easily set up machine details
  • Machine Service Histories
  • Track each product selection
  • Viewable history of each product selection
  • Easily replace products within the machine

Service Histories
Every machine service that is recorded, any notes that are written, any expense that is recorded, any change to machine or location, is all recorded so that you can use that historical knowledge to make better decisions for the future and monitor the progress of your business.
Many reports derive useful information for you from this historical data bank.

Free No-Hassle Upgrades
Improvements and new feature updates are made to the VendingMobile system on an ongoing basis. You will never need to install any upgrades. Just keep using the continually improving VendingMobile system.

Automatic Backup and Save
All of the information in your VendingMobile account is backed up nightly, to ensure the safety of your data.

Ease of Navigation and Use
To help operators maneuver and find information, VendingMobile is first mobile, and designed so you can easily maneuver through each screen.

Training Videos and Tech Support
We have a large list of training videos to get you up and running fast. Watch the setup videos, and within 30 minutes you're ready to start using VendingMobile to track your business. Tech Support is provided 24/7 though our support system.

About Us
Soft Essentials was started in March 2000 with a simple goal: to make running a vending business more organized and profitable. Our desktop software, Vending Essentials, has helped hundreds of vendors for many years do just that. We have taken our years of experience and created a completely web-based vending business management system: VendingMobile.
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