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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I change my password?
A:  During login click on the Forgot Password feature. This feature will allow you to create a new password.

Q:  What mobile phones and devices are recommended?
A:  Any smartphone 4" or larger (such as iPhone, Android, Nokia, or Samsung), or any mobile tablet or pad that has Internet access. LG has some of the best tablets on the market. If you plan on running your business from a tablet, or a cell phone pay attention to processing speeds on the device.

Q:  How many devices can I use VendingMobile on?
A:  While each account can only have one person logged in at any given moment, you can use VendingMobile on any of your devices that have Internet access. In other words, if you have ten devices with Internet access, you can use VendingMobile on any and all of those devices.

Q:  Can I use the software on my desktop PC or Macintosh?
A:  Yes, both PC and Macintosh notebook, laptop or desktop machines that have a connection to the Internet.

Q:  What browser should I use?
A:  Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari are recommended. Firefox is not recommended.

Q:  How do I add a location to an existing Service Plan?
A:  The best way to add a location to a current set of service records that you've been working with. Go to Servicing > Complete Servicing. Find the current route name you want to add a location to, and Complete the service. Once you complete a service it will save any machine notes, current/new levels, and save any replacement products into each relevant machine's current product fields. Next, go to Route Management > Location Assignment. From here you can add any location to an existing route. Once you have added the location to a route, go to Service Planning > Create a Service Plan. Now the location has been added to your set of service records/route.

Q:  What is the difference between a Product Usage Pull List and a Current Pull List?
A:  Product Usage Pull List - Calculates on average how much you fill each product. The pull list will show all the products you need to take on that service with recommended average amounts you typically fill for each product in each machine, based on a six month history.
Example: Current Fill (3) - New Fill (10) - Average Product Usage to Pull (7). In this example, 7 is the number displayed next to the product. It is the average amount you have filled the product each service. The difference between the current fill and new fill is the product usage (7). The overall product usage factors the past 6 months product usage and divides it by x amount of services recorded to come up with an average.

Current Pull List - This is manually generated by the vendor. Some vendors call ahead to the location to get all current product levels. You can also estimate on your own, based on the product selection history Quick Report.
Example: Current Fill (4) - Full Capacity (10) - Product levels to pull (6). The difference between the current fill you entered and the canister's full capacity is now the product amount you need to pull.

Replacement Products in Pull Lists - Will show up in the Pull Lists after you have saved any changes by clicking < Prev or Next > buttons. Replacement Products will show the canisters Full Capacity number in Pull Lists.
Example: Product Selection Full Capacity (10) Product amount to pull (10).

Q:  Will Vending Essentials desktop software work with VendingMobile?
A:  VendingMobile is a separate system from our Vending Essentials desktop software. SoftEssentials launched Vending Essentials software in March of 2000, and it has served us well. We've taken that 15 years of experience and created a new product, VendingMobile software. In order to do this we had to start from scratch. So we are asking all of our existing Vending Essentials clientele to also start from scratch.

The new VendingMobile system is so different from the Vending Essentials software, we are unable to move client data across from one system to another. We understand this involves some inconvenience and a one-time re-entry of all your locations, machines, and products, but once the system is setup you will find it much easier to work with, and the mobile capability will make it worth the setup time.

The old desktop version will still be supported, but we encourage everyone to move to the new VendingMobile software, as it is designed in a much easier, user friendly system. It is also mobile friendly and can be used from any mobile device or desktop computer. By the end of 2016 VendingMobile should have most of the features the old Vending Essentials desktop software currently offers. And any updates we make are free and instantly added to

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Soft Essentials was started in March 2000 with a simple goal: to make running a vending business more organized and profitable. Our desktop software, Vending Essentials, has helped hundreds of vendors for many years do just that. We have taken our years of experience and created a completely web-based vending business management system: VendingMobile.
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